Vert Shock: The Ultimate Springboard to Higher Heights

vert-shock-workoutsVert Shock is a scientifically proven exercise regime developed by Justin Darlington that aims at training the body with a specific target on the muscles. In sporting activities more so high flying sports like high jump and basketball, you need to have the potential to spring up to higher heights if you are to achieve real results. Vert Shock avails just that. In the training, the nervous system is also made part and parcel of the process hence making the entire program synchronized. As opposed to other programs, Vert Shock goes beyond gender and age to deliver tangible results within short durations mostly a few weeks.

The Product Details

For you to benefit from this product, you have to spend about an hour each day for a maximum of four days every week. What Vert Shock does is that it triggers your body system through the use of focused training and laser technology. This trigger makes your body to jump higher and with time this creates permanence. The muscles targeted by this program are the Type II B muscles. These muscles have the potential to become explosive with focused training. Vert Shock can be performed anywhere including gyms and open spaces. However, the best places to practice with this program are soft areas such as grass lawns.

Benefits of Vert Shock

This program helps you to dunk and jump high without much effort through training of the Type II B muscle fibers. It also saves you time because the results come in a matter of weeks as opposed to the other vigorous training. Vert Shock does not cause injuries to the tendons but rather assures you a safe training program that is compatible with people of all ages and gender. It includes scientific methods such as laser technology that boosts productivity and performance. It is also easy to use, illustrative and it is supported by 24/7 online help desk. The membership site allows for interaction online that helps people in the program keep in track.

Vert Shock program is affordable because it does not require investments in books and extra equipment. There is also a money back guarantee if no tangible results are realized within 60 days.

The Operation of Vert Shock

There are three key phases that define this training program. The Pre-Shock Phase – This takes the first seven days and the results are an increase in your vertical jump by 3 to 5 inches. It is more of a warm up to the program. The Shock Phase – This takes a period of six weeks and forms the central part of the program. During this period, the nervous system is triggered into jumping higher. The Post Shock Phase – This is the tail end part of the program. It lasts one week and it indoctrinates the gains and memory of the previous phases into muscle memory.

The Vert Shock Package Contents

There are a number of things that come with the Vert Shock package and these include: a pre-shock, shock and post-shock workout plans; stepwise illustrative videos; Vert Tracker to check your progress daily and the Vert Shock forum which is live 24 hours for support.

The Verdict

Vert Shock has an overall record of success and the duration set is adequate to achieve the stated results. You can add between 9 to 15 inches of vertical jump by the end of program. It is user friendly and doesn’t require coaching and extra investments in equipment and books.


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