Vamp Up Your Vertical Leap with Vert Shock Workouts

vert-shock-reviewWith the Vert Shock workouts, not only do you increase your vertical leap, you are also going to use a series of plyometric workout training, to help you increase your strength. Plyo training and the Vert Shock workouts, is a great way to help you not only build up the muscle strength, but you are also going to fatigue the muscles, which is the best way to build up strength. By working quickly, and in short bursts, as opposed to a long and drawn out workout, you are going to see far better results, in a short period of time when you are doing the Vert Shock workouts.

Plyo at Its Best

When following the Vert Shock workouts, you are going to use plyometric training to help build your muscle strength. This includes a series of jumps, quick turn movements, and muscle fatigue exercises. When these routines are done in conjunction with one another, and when you are doing short, intense training Vert Shock workouts, rather than a long workout, at a slow pace, you are bound to see far better results. With these Vert Shock workouts, you are going to learn the basics behind interval training, and working at the highest intensity level. Not only does this build up muscle mass, it also helps you to build core strength, and it is going to help you improve your endurance over time as well.

Focus on the Core

When you are engaged in these Vert Shock workouts, you are also focusing on core muscle groups. The abs, your glutes, and your quads, are all going to get an intense workout, when you are doing these different routines. By building up the core, with the Vert Shock workouts you are following, you are going to build up the vertical leap over time. With a stronger core, you not only have more endurance, but you are also going to break down the individual muscle groups, which will learn to work together, in order to improve overall strength, and increase your vertical leap in less time. Doing the workouts as they are laid out, rather than in a random order, is also going to work to ensure you are targeting each muscle group, and are delivering the max workout to each muscle group you are working on in your legs.

Not only do you have to build muscle strength, you need more endurance, and you need to build up core strength, if you want to jump higher; with the Vert Shock workouts, you are going to do all of these things, in the series of exercises you are following. So, rather than workout in a random order, or long workout routines at a slow pace, you are going to focus on intensity, quick paced workouts. Doing this builds muscles, helps fatigue the body so you can build up your endurance levels, and over time, will work to help you increase overall muscle mass, which is the goal to helping build your vertical leap height.

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